Outer Hebrides Project

Started work at 4 am today with a 295 mile,6 hour drive to catch a ship to the Outer Hebrides. First of all we had to drive to Skye, then across the Island to the port of Uig. Unfortunately on arrival, the ship was stormbound. Hopefully the weather will improve and our team can get […]


HDbaseT Equipment

Currently our preferred supplier of HDbaseT products is Blue-stream AV in Australia. All our customers are extremely satisfied with the performance of this product. We give it 10 out of 10 for affordability and quality .   


HDbaseT Approved Installer

We are proud to announce that Craig Brands Electrical are now certified installers for HDbaseT systems. So what is this certification? As our homes/business become more digital, customers no longer want technology duplicated in every room, they want to be able to watch/listen to TV/Films/music/internet. With this system we can install all the equipment in […]


Autumn has finally arrived early

With the change in the weather, now would be a good time to think about your outside lighting. I am sure we still have some summer left but if you would like to book an appointment, this would allow us to check your security lighting and make cost saving recommendations. So my advice would be […]


Mobile Device Charging

Are you like  the thousands of people who are always looking for their chargers to top up their mobile phone/Ipad/Kindle or Android device. Well look no further, we can install a twin socket complete with two USB charging sockets which enables you to leave your cable plugged in at one central point. You can even […]