select electrical contractingSELECT is the trade association for the electrical contracting industry in Scotland.

With its foundation in 1900 as The Electrical Contractors’ Association of Scotland, SELECT became the first trade association in the world to serve the electrical industry. Leaving aside the ancient trades, that makes SELECT amongst the oldest of the “modern” trade associations.

Today, there are over 1200 Members of SELECT each one working to our stringent membership criteria.

SELECT Members have capability across a wide range of design, manufacturing, testing and commissioning skills and each is accredited to one or more of ten technical disciplines.

SELECT Member companies account for 90% of all electrical installation work carried out in Scotland, have a collective turnover of £1 billion and provide employment for 15,000.

SELECT represents the industry

As the authoritative trade association for the electrotechnical industry, SELECT helps to shape the market environment. By representing the industry to government, SELECT influences legislation to create industry conditions which enable Member firms to both provide a quality service to their clients and operate profitably at the same time.

SELECT is synonymous with high quality work

From its beginnings, SELECT has led industry standards and we continue to ensure that work carried out by Member companies is of the highest quality, employs the best of modern technology and, above all, is safe.

Membership of SELECT give clients confidence that they are dealing with a quality contractor backed by a Code of Practice, Contract Completion Guarantee and customer complaints service.

SELECT is committed to training and to lifelong learning

From our headquarters at The Walled Garden, near Edinburgh – a Scottish Qualifications Authority Approved Centre in its own right – SELECT offers comprehensive training across a range of industry technical and managerial skills.