HDbaseT Approved Installer

We are proud to announce that Craig Brands Electrical are now certified installers for HDbaseT systems. So what is this certification? As our homes/business become more digital, customers no longer want technology duplicated in every room, they want to be able to watch/listen to TV/Films/music/internet. With this system we can install all the equipment in one location i.e (out of sight) types of equipment are as follows, Sky Boxes, Apple TV, Blue-ray Players, computers and droid tv boxes. You can also control each box with two way IR signals. This allows customers to watch and control TV/Projectors throughout the property. So what does this mean!? Well effectively every room in the house could view a different AV source.The controller in the room will allow you to pick and control the device you wish to watch. No longer do you need to put up with multiple equipment and remote controls.

As a certified installer you can be assured that we only work with HDbaseT registered suppliers and will be happy to walk you through how to remove the clutter from your homes and increase your viewing enjoyment.WHMXL44AB_webHDbaseTlogo

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