select electrical contractingCraig Brands Electrical Ltd is a Member of SELECT, the governing body for the electrical contracting industry in Scotland. With over 1200 members and collective turnover of £1 billion the companies employ over 15,000.

Annually every member company is subject to inspection, which entails  inspectors visiting the contractors work in progress or completed work for grading purposes. With this intensive inspection and grading process clients can feel assured that they are working with the most qualified contractors in Scotland.

Why Do I Need A  Qualified  Electrician?

Most people do not take chances when  working with electricity: they call in a qualified electrician. Electrical work isn’t like plumbing work, anyone with basic DIY skills can change a washer. If you do it incorrectly you’ll get wet. Get it wrong with an electric repair and you can kill someone.


Certified electricians not only have the technical knowledge and expertise to carry out an electrical job to a high standard, they will also have the requisite knowledge of how to work safely. It’s not enough to know how to switch off the electricity supply at the mains, remove relevant fuses and seal the fuse panel, or test that the supply really is off.

Professional electricians will obviously know all the correct procedures to carry out before starting the job, but they will also ensure that the working environment is safe and work with the correct tools and electrical components.

Differences Between Pros and DIYers

While DIYers may think they are capable of carrying out an electrical job, technical knowledge and experience separate the amateurs from Qualified Electricians. Professional electricians will know the following:

  1. Up-to-date regulations.
  2. Safe Isolation
  3. Up-to-date industry changes, e.g. cable core colour changes, mandatory types of circuit breaker.
  4. What thickness of cables to use.
  5. What size of circuit breaker to use.
  6. How many sockets can be run from one protective device.
  7. DIYers are unable to supply completion certificates that will be accepted by local authorities, building societies or Insurance companies.
  8. DIYers can invalidate the house insurance by carrying out unqualified work.