Safety and Security

Emergency Lighting

Building regulations requires every public and commercial building to have effective emergency lighting. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the Directors/owners being prosecuted for failure to maintain an adequate emergncy lighting system. We can ensure that our customers are fully compliant by ensuring that their emergency lighting installations are designed and installed to meet building regulations. We also offer an annual maintenance contract to replace tubes and check the performance of back-up batteries.

Currently we are working with our existing clients by helping to reduce their annual maintenance cost by introducing the latest LED emergency lights. These fittings offer a significant cost savings due to the longer life expectancy compared to old style fittings. For instance we would expect to change the tubes of maintained fittings (EXIT signs always on) every 2 years. However, LED should last 3 times as long. For non-maintained fittings (only lit under power loss) we would expect these to have a life expectancy of 12+ years.

For all new installations, we  recommend that our customers go down the route of installing LED products as we know that this will reduce their annual maintenance costs.

Fire Alarms

Systems are designed to meet customer requirements, from a simple wireless system installed in domestic properties, to sophisticated analogue/digital systems for the larger commercial properties.

For the larger installations, addressable systems is the best option as these systems pinpoint the location of the activation making it easier to detect fire or functional problems quickly.

Burglar Alarms

We can offer both wireless and wired systems, designed to meet customers needs. We are not NSI accredited so if your insurance company insist on the installation to this standard, we can provide a partner company who will carry this out on our behalf and provide an annual maintenance contract that meets your insurance requirements. Most house holders do not require NSI accredited installers and therefore our systems whether wireless or wired will be installed and maintained to the same high standards. Should you prefer to have your system liked to a 24 hour monitoring station this can be arranged. Alternatively should you prefer alarm activation diverted to any mobile numbers, this can also be done.


Camera system are now relatively  inexpensive , we can provide a full CCTV design service which will incorporate recording images to DVR units. These recordings are able to be used in courts for prosecution. If you require internal/external cameras we can provide a cost effective solution that meets your budget.

IP Cameras

These cameras are the best solution for those people who wish to be alerted on their mobile phone should an incident take place. These remarkable low cost devices have produced some amazing results over the last few years. I am sure we have all read of incidents in the national press, where  owners on holiday abroad, watch  on their mobile phone as an intruder is caught on video.  You can imaging the joy of seeing those responsible caught red handed as the owners watch from far away. Of course you do not have to wait until your property is broken into, no  you can view your property at any time. You simply bring up your internet browser and type in your camera address this allows you to watch what is going on and even pan tilt and zoom the camera. Videos are recorded onto a local hard drive and in addition can be uploaded to the “Cloud” ( remote storage on the Internet). There is a vast amount of IP cameras on the market  and we will be delighted to work with our clients to find the most appropriate camera for your application.